Sanford SEL App FAQs

Why am I assigned a classroom ID?

Classroom IDs are assigned automatically by the app. This gives us the data that helps us further develop the program as a whole by being able to show app usage. Your students are able to add themselves to your class by using the Classroom ID. This will be able to anonymously track data associated to each classroom.


Do I need to be connected to WiFi in order to use the app?

You need to have WiFi to download and register the app. However, once downloaded and logged in the app works on its own. If you aren’t logged in and have no WiFi connection, you can access the storybooks as a guest student.


How do I save my observations?

The observation tool will work best as an “over a time period” tool, i.e. each month, reflect on the competencies for selected focus students or your class. At this time the only option to save your student observations or whole class observations is for you to take a screenshot. Consider creating a folder for observations on your tablet. We encourage you to use this feature often, as we would like to further develop this part of the app to allow for an easier way to track observations over the school year.


Where do the completed observations go?  Who can see them?

The data gathered is used to evaluate the fidelity of Sanford Harmony and consider future developments of the app. All student data collected is reported anonymously to ensure privacy for all students.


Why does the app include “upper grades” for registration?

This provides Sanford Harmony with data and to help drive future development for upper grade content.


Can I use the app for 3-6th grade?

At this time the app is only set up for Pre-K-2nd grade. Currently, we do not offer upper grade content, however, you can still access our Meet Up and Buddy Up features using the early childhood quick connection cards. 3-6th grade is a future development.


What devices does the app support?

The app currently supports Apple iPad iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.1 and beyond.


How much space do I need to download the app?

The app needs 100MB of storage to download. The storybooks require additional memory on the device.


Will this app be available on other devices?

At this time the app is Apple and Android tablets only.


Will this be available in Spanish or other languages?

This is currently under consideration for future development.


Is there a way for teachers to submit/send in feedback?

We want the Sanford SEL app to be a useful tool for implementing Sanford Harmony in your classrooms and welcome your feedback on the app. Please send your feedback to


Who can I contact for troubleshooting issues?

Should you encounter a troubleshooting problem with the Sanford SEL app, please email


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, please email or click here to fill out the form.