Implementation & Training

To ensure successful implementation of Harmony, our Harmony Team will help you design a customized Implementation and Training Plan. This phased approach includes ordering procedures and a menu of services that ensures ongoing communication and support for successful implementation of Harmony.

Sanford Harmony Training: Onboard, Lanuch, Sustain


During the Onboarding stage, our Harmony Team will help customize an implementation and training plan. You will complete the MOU process and your site administrator will receive a welcome email that guides them through the process of ordering teacher toolkits. During the onboarding phase we’ll also share training options and schedule training for your organization:


During the Launch phase you will schedule and conduct Harmony training. You’ll be invited to participate in feedback surveys and view online support materials. You may also request overview sessions to build district-wide awareness and excitement, engagement sessions and implementation support for your school or district and support awareness for family and community groups.


To sustain your Harmony success we will remain connected and continually support you throughout implementation. Our online training site will provide follow up, resources, continuous training and webinars. You will receive our quarterly bulletins which will provide you with teacher testimonials, Harmony tips and strategies, Implementation feedback and Social-and Emotional Research. We will encourage your district to participate in our train-the trainer model to support Harmony leadership in your district. As a new Harmony implementer, we invite you to share your school and district success stories and be recognized as a Harmony Hero Teacher or Harmony Champion District.