Building Healthy Relationships One Classroom at a Time

Philanthropist T. Denny Sanford Donates $100 Million to Advance Sanford Harmony


What is Sanford Harmony? Imagine a classroom where students are empowered to: communicate, cooperate, connect, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. Welcome to Sanford Harmony—a social-emotional teaching program that cultivates strong classroom relationships between all students.

The goal of Harmony is to incorporate specialized teaching strategies into classroom activities—from preschool through sixth grade—in an effort to reduce bullying, and help develop the youth of today into tolerant, compassionate, and caring adults for the future.

Harmony can be easily incorporated into lesson plans in as little as five minutes a day, and is aligned with Common Core state standard, national, and district learning initiatives.

Please explore all that Sanford Harmony has to offer, and spend less time managing troublesome behavior, and more time teaching!

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Harmony in Action

“We piloted Harmony in our three state preschool classrooms this past spring, and the feedback from all of the teachers was very positive!”

Stacy Adler, Ph.D.

Mono County Superintendent of Schools, CA

“Kudos to the creators of the Harmony curriculum for getting it right! It is working for us. We are grateful for your willingness to respond to our needs. We appreciate your generosity in providing us amazing materials that include: awesome lessons plans, cards, meet-up ideas, music, coaching, t-shirts, and Z dolls.”

Jo Ann Simmons

Counselor, Holy Family Catholic School, FL

Harmony Across the U.S.

“Sanford Harmony supports the great work being done by the education and nonprofit sectors, providing opportunities to touch even more children’s lives and creating a legacy for future generations. We’re turning a dream of mine into a reality, and you’re going to take it forward and change the world.”

T. Denny Sanford

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Sanford Harmony Overview