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Success Stories

“The feedback I had from all of the teachers was very positive! The students loved the Z character and were able to relate with the things Z encountered in the stories. We are very excited to have access to Sanford Harmony and to be implementing it again in this coming school year.”

Stacey Adler, PhD

Mono County Superintendent of Schools, CA

“Sanford Harmony has enhanced our curriculum by giving the children new tools to interact with one another. They are expressing themselves with words, instead of being reactive to situations. The lessons are going to be able to give the children ideas and conflict-solving solutions in their everyday lives as they grow up.”

Robyn Bowman

Preschool Manager, Lakeside Union School District, CA

“[Quick Connection Cards] have been wonderful for building teamwork and bonding in our classroom family. I have used the conversation cards when modeling partner talk (how to be a listener, how to be a speaker). The ideas are fun and engaging! They have been a positive addition to my first-grade classroom.”


Ms. Jewell

Delta Elementary Charter School, CA

“Kudos to the creators of the Harmony curriculum for getting it right! It is working for us. We are grateful for your willingness to respond to our needs. We appreciate your generosity in providing us amazing materials that include: awesome lesson plans, cards, Meet Up ideas, music, coaching, t-shirts and Z dolls. The Ambassadors represent many years of educational wisdom. They have provided our school with great training, coaching, brainstorming, and above all, encouragement!”

Jo Ann Simmons

Counselor, Holy Family Catholic School, FL

“The Sanford Harmony Project provides us with more tools to strengthen our classroom communities, our school-wide community, and any outside community our kiddos may be part of. We are so grateful for Denny Sanford for his selfless dedication to improving the lives of students and the world around them.”


Rob Darling

Principal, Selah School District, WA

“We especially love the Buddy Up experiences. It is wonderful! The more time children have to spend their day with their buddies, the more comfortable they become with their daily routine and with one another. We are still learning how to use the program, and we like it very much!”

Donado Giovanna

Head Start, Orlando, FL

“Our youth has responded amazingly well to the activities, while having fun doing so. Harmony strategies and materials help our youth develop positive peer relationships and a sense of community. It is exciting to see youth from different backgrounds and cultures laughing and interacting with one another.”


Christian Naea

Program Director, Boys & Girls Club – Kapa’a Clubhouse, Lihue Clubhouse, Kekaha Outreach, Kauai