A Message of Support from Scott Page and Sanford Programs

Dear Sanford Programs Community,

Our country is facing very challenging events, most recently the brutal murder of George Floyd in addition to the ongoing pandemic. From all of us at Sanford Programs, we feel a strong desire to connect with you and to acknowledge the pain facing our communities, specifically our Black colleagues, families, and neighbors. We want to express our concern and support for our Sanford community as we process very real feelings of grief, anger, and determination. Now more than ever, we want to demonstrate solidarity as people across our nation continue to advocate for racial justice.

Sanford Programs is committed to supporting educators, program providers, families, caregivers, and nonprofit leaders who are making a difference for children and communities across the country. T. Denny Sanford’s vision is helping children experience healthy relationships by developing universally beneficial skills, such as communication, cooperation, empathy, collaboration, and inclusion.

We all see the challenges facing relationships today—the deep inequity and social unrest caused by racial injustice in our own communities and the isolation related to COVID-19. We passionately advocate for the development of empathy and healthy relationships that make space for people of color and those affected by systems of inequity as we listen and learn together.

In the spirit of supporting our Sanford partners, we remain vigilant in championing the fight for racial justice with resources for educators, caregivers, and fundraising professionals. As we approach difficult conversations in the days to come, we want to support you as you face the challenges ahead. You may find the following resources helpful. Please feel free to share with anyone you feel may also find them beneficial:

Sanford Inspire Resources in the Online Learning Portal:

  • Restorative Justice: Rethinking Discipline
  • Working Against Racial Bias
  • Using Critical Consciousness to Challenge Inequity
  • Linking Identity and Achievement Through Cultural Competence
  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Students
  • Supporting Trauma-Exposed Students
  • Teachers as Agents of Change

Sanford Institute of Philanthropy On-Demand Webinars:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series: Prospecting for Diverse Major Donors
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series: Engaging Black Philanthropists

As we strive for a more compassionate and just future, Sanford Programs is here to support you in any way we can.

Standing together,

Scott Page

Sr. Vice President

Sanford Programs at National University System