Reducing Bullying Through Relationship Building with Sanford Harmony

  October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month The statistics are alarming: one out of every three students is a victim of bullying. It’s an age-old problem that can impact children emotionally, physically, and academically. Anti-bullying legislation and campaigns can help, but educators must invest time to foster social-emotional competencies essential for a school culture

Teacher’s Guide: Easy Steps for Getting Started with Sanford Harmony

[Content Updated on December 2, 2016] Welcome to Sanford Harmony! We’re excited that you will be implementing Sanford Harmony in your classroom. You will find Harmony flexible and easy to implement, and the strategies will easily integrate into your daily schedule. Harmony strategies, lessons, and activities will help build stronger relationships among all students, improve communication,

Five Awesome Themes for Decorating Your Classroom

The new school year will be starting before you’ve even had the chance to perfect your summer tan. You’ve got a long list of things to do to prep for the year ahead, and one of them includes getting your classroom ready. Whether you’re brand new to teaching this year, or you’re a veteran teacher

Discussing Recent Tragedies With Young Students: Tips for Teachers

When heartbreaking events occur around the world, children are often affected more than they may outwardly show. Although tragedies, like mass shootings or natural disasters, are a difficult topic of discussion, it is important to maintain open communication with young students—to help them navigate their complex emotions, and to create a harmonious environment, where children

Magnet Schools of America Announces Collaboration with National University to Expand Sanford Harmony

Innovative social emotional learning program for PreK-6 grades to be introduced to magnet schools across the country Magnet Schools of America is collaborating with National University to expand a nationwide initiative to introduce schools to Sanford Harmony, an innovative social emotional learning program that helps reinforce positive peer interactions among children. Already being rolled out to

10 Ways for New Teachers to Prep for the Year Ahead

Summer is (finally) here! Whether you’re teaching through the season, or taking a much-needed breather, there is plenty to do to prep for the next school year (it will be here before you know it, after all). Here are our top 10 tips for new teachers to get ready for the year ahead. Seriously, Relax

LA’s BEST After School Program Partners with National University’s Sanford Harmony to Support Student Success

Sanford Harmony, an innovative PreK-6 social emotional learning program, to be introduced to after school programs throughout the City of Los Angeles Sanford Harmony, an innovative social-emotional learning program that reinforces positive peer interactions among children, will soon expand to Los Angeles after school programs run by LA’s BEST, an organization that provides safe and

Improving Education, Changing the World: Meet the Director of Sanford Harmony

Scott Page, Director of Sanford Harmony at National University, has always had a passion for helping young children thrive. From working in textbook publishing to developing educational technology for struggling readers to teaching first and fourth grades, Page has played an active role in helping students become successful learners. However, throughout his 20 years on

Carlsbad, CA Classroom Makes A Difference

Transitional kindergarten teacher, Nona Loftis, has seen improvements in student behavior starting at just four years old since implementing Harmony into her classroom. Students are not only getting along better and interacting with one another, but are also learning oral communication, and language skills.

Lakeside School District Leads the Way

As the first school district to implement Harmony into classrooms, Lakeside School District gave students the tools to effectively communicate and problem-solve as early as transitional kindergarten.