With comprehensive training options and flexible pacing plans, we make it easy to successfully implement Sanford Harmony in the classroom.

“The team at Sanford Harmony has been a great partner because they’re flexible and they want to do what’s best for the students we’re working with.” – Eric Gurna, President and CEO, LA’s Best After School Enrichment Program


The onboarding stage will help you organize your Sanford Harmony team and determine training options for your organization. All Harmony trainings provide a variety of opportunities for educators to practice strategies and learn how to successfully use the grade-thematic lessons and activities.

Kids playing during a class.

Live Training Webinars

Conducted by Harmony-certified presenters, our live training webinars provide a variety of opportunities for educators and out-of-school program providers to learn how to successfully deliver Sanford Harmony in the classroom and elevate their practice.

Session options:

  • Daily Practices (60 minutes)
  • Lessons/Activities (60 minutes)
  • Online Learning Portal (60 minutes)
  • Q&A/Coaching (60 minutes)
  • Leadership Session (30 minutes)
  • Increasing Family Engagement (30 minutes)

On-Demand Training

Our on-demand videos provide teachers, parents, and out-of-school providers with basic information about the Harmony program and how to effectively implement Harmony in the classroom.

Session options:

  • Welcome to Sanford Harmony Training Overview
  • Harmony in the Classroom Everyday Practices
  • Units, Lessons, Activities, and Games
  • Sample Unit Demos

Live Online Training

Conducted by Harmony-certified presenters and delivered to multiple on-site attendees, these trainings allow for direct interaction with the presenter and among participants.

Session options:

  • Getting Started with Harmony (90 minutes)
  • Sanford Harmony Strong Start (Two 90-minute sessions)
  • Train the Trainer (Two 90-minute sessions)
  • Harmony Elevated (90 minutes)
  • Leadership Session (30-90 minutes)