​Upper Elementary (3rd – 6th Grade)

As students progress toward early adolescence, and become more independent, they encounter a variety of new and challenging social situations—particularly through peer pressure and social media exposure. The quality of the relationships students have with teachers and peers is an important dimension of their learning. Students who perceive a positive climate in school demonstrate higher levels of social competence, report fewer personal problems, and are more prepared to focus on learning.

Sanford Harmony strategies promote vibrant learning communities and healthy relationships among peers. Meet Up and Buddy Up intentionally bring students together to practice important social and emotional competencies, such as positive communication, collaboration, and problem-solving connected to real-world situations. Students engage in lessons, activities, and games to understand commonalities and respect differences.

Harmony goals are reinforced and celebrated, resulting in a focus on teaching and learning and decreased behavioral disruptions. With Harmony in the classroom, both teachers and students are excited and eager to attend school every day to learn and grow together.