Implementation & Training

Our Harmony team will help you design a customized Implementation and Training Plan for your organization. This phased approach includes ordering procedures and a menu of services that will provide ongoing communication and support for successful implementation of Harmony.

Sanford Harmony Training: Onboard, Lanuch, Sustain


The Onboarding stage will help you organize your Harmony team, order materials and determine training options for your organization. All Harmony trainings provide a variety of opportunities for educators to practice strategies and to learn how to successfully use the grade thematic lessons and activities.


During the Launch phase your organization will participate in Harmony training and will be introduced to the online Professional Learning Library. Educators will have instant access to English and Spanish Digital Teacher Kits, training modules, on demand teaching modules, and our Sanford SEL App.


To Sustain Harmony effectiveness, we will provide ongoing communication and support through our ambassadors and trainers and our quarterly newsletters. We will invite you to share Harmony success stories and identify Harmony teacher leaders. Educators will be encouraged to participate in our SEL webinar series.