Much of Harmony’s success can be attributed to its fun, engaging materials, designed to keep children enthusiastically participating and learning.

Teacher Toolkit

Teachers are provided with a toolkit, equipped with the necessary items for successfully integrating Harmony into the classroom, which includes:

  • Grade-specific lesson plan book
  • Storybooks per grade that focus on core themes
  • Games for upper elementary levels
  • Quick Connection cards — Quick Community Builders, Quick Conversations, and Quick Collaborations

Meet Up

Meet Up helps build strong classroom communities where students feel connected, comfortable, and ready to learn. During Meet Up, students and teachers meet in a circle to greet one another, share ideas and experiences, monitor classroom goals, solve problems, and participate in team-building activities using Harmony Quick Connection Cards. Meet Up is an excellent precursor to restorative practices.

Meet Up helps students:

  • Appreciate diversity
  • Confidently express ideas
  • Ask respectful, relevant questions
  • Understand other’s perspectives
  • Solve problems

Buddy Up

Buddy Up is designed to create opportunities for students to get to know one another, form connections, and learn together. Students are paired with a different buddy each week and engage with one another in quick and enjoyable activities.

Buddy Up gives students opportunities to:

  • Intentionally interact with diverse peers
  • Participate in collaborative conversations
  • Increase caring, kindness and empathy

Watch the video below to get started with Meet Up and Buddy Up in your classroom.


Our Harmony team will help you design a customized implementation and training plan for your organization. This phased approach includes ordering procedures and a menu of services that will provide ongoing communication and support for successful implementation of Harmony.


The onboarding stage will help you organize your Harmony team, order materials and determine training options for your organization. All Harmony trainings provide a variety of opportunities for educators to practice strategies and to learn how to successfully use the grade thematic lessons and activities.

  • TRAIN-THE-TRAINERS (Available upon request) – Our Train-The-Trainer model provides school and district leaders with the information, strategies, and resources to facilitate Harmony trainings at their own locations. (3-4 hours)
  • ONLINE TRAINING – Online training is conducted through the Harmony Professional Learning Library via recorded training sessions with a virtual instructor. Online training is available in Group and Individual training. (Self-paced)
  • ON-SITE TRAINING (Available in limited areas with a minimum of 20-15 participants) – A certified Harmony trainer will provide on-site training for your school or district. (2.5-3 hours)


During the launchphase, your organization will participate in Harmony training and will be introduced to the online Professional Learning Library. Educators will have instant access to English and Spanish Digital Teacher Kits, training modules, on-demand teaching modules, and our Sanford SEL App.


To sustainHarmony effectiveness, we will provide ongoing communication and support through our ambassadors and trainers and our quarterly newsletters. We will invite you to share Harmony success stories and identify Harmony teacher leaders. Educators will be encouraged to participate in our SEL webinar series.